History of the Press

Computers and Composition Digital Press was founded in 2007 by Gail E. Hawisher (University of Illinois) and Cynthia L. Selfe (Ohio State University).

For the first year of the Press, Danielle Nicole DeVoss (Michigan State University), Heidi A. McKee (Miami University), Jason Palmeri (Miami University), Dickie Selfe (Ohio State University), and H. Lewis Ulman (Ohio State University) served at various times as Editors during the process of developing and designing this web site and recruiting scholarly ebooks and projects for publication in this new online venue.

In spring 2008, Danielle Nicole DeVoss and Heidi McKee joined the Editorial Board and Karl Stolley joined the Press.  Also in spring 2008, the Press began an affiliation with The Institute for the Future of the Book and in fall 2008 became an imprint of Utah State University Press.