Pre-Proposal Guidelines

The Pre-Proposal is meant to be a relatively brief and informal document that is of maximum use to an author. The Pre-Proposal is designed to help authors focus their thinking about a possible project and to provide preliminary feedback on a proposed project from the CCDigital Press Editors.

Although we include suggestions for possible sections below, authors should tailor the information they include to the specific nature of projects they are exploring, the composing stage at which they find themselves, and the feedback they are seeking from CCDigital Press Editors.

Possible sections for Pre-Proposals:

  • Basic concept or focus for the ebook/project
  • Rationale or importance for ebook/project
  • Engagement with related professional conversations and needs (e.g., Why is this project important? To what conversations does it contribute?)
  • Media/modalities/software deployed in this ebook/project
  • Description of Authorial/creative team
  • Annotated description of the project’s major parts/sections/elements
  • Proposed time line for the project
  • Questions for the editors (e.g., inquiries about CCDigital Press procedures or policies)
  • Attachments (e.g., a copy of a conference presentation/paper/web site that illustrates/describes some aspect/element of the project)

Pre-Proposals will not be sent out to the CCDigital Press Editorial Board, and, thus, they do not commit the author or the Press to a Publication Agreement.