Prospectus Guidelines

When you submit a Formal Prospectus to the CCDigital Press, it will be reviewed by members of our Editorial Board. This review generally takes up to twelve weeks and authors will be informed of the Editors' decision as soon as reviews are returned and collated.

To submit a formal prospectus for editorial consideration, authors should share their documents with us via email attachments, web links, or Dropbox.

A formal prospectus should include the following sections:

  1. Introduction, Overview, and Rationale: Briefly describe the ebook or scholarly project—no more than two single-spaced pages.
  2. Context: Place the ebook or scholarly project within the context of an academic field and the key conversations taking place therein. Place the proposed ebook or scholarly project in relation to existing books or projects that have attempted similar work. You need to show how your ebook or scholarly project will be both similar and different from work that already exists.
  3. Target Audience(s): Which audiences will your ebook or scholarly project attract? For whom is it written?
  4. Annotated Table of Contents: Brief description of each chapter or major section of your proposed ebook or project.
  5. References/Works Cited: Works you've cited in your prospectus.
  6. Expected Completion Date: When can we expect to review the full, revised ebook or scholarly project?
  7. Curriculum Vitae:Your educational and professional background.
  8. Sample Chapters or Sections: Please include at least two sample chapters of your proposed ebook or two major sections of your digital scholarly project (along with any readers needed for accessing this content).
  9. Possible Reviewers for Final ebook or Digital Scholarly Project: Please list names, affiliations, full postal addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
  10. Technical Specificans/Considerations: In this section, please identify your plans for content formats, digital genres, technical specifications or considerations that might assist the CCDigital Press Editors better understand your project and its requirements.

As far as possible, the CCDigital Press conducts blind reviews of submitted projects, so authors should make every effort to remove their own and co-authors' names from the Project Prospectus and accompanying materials, including the URL. However, CCDigital Press understands that the nature of some ebooks and projects may preclude a review that is completely blind for both Press editors and project authors (for example, edited collections are generally submitted to presses with a list of authors who have agreed to contribute). Similarly, the nature of digital texts, genres, files, and projects may make completely blind reviews unreasonable, difficult, or even impossible (some video content, for example, may be impossible to render anonymous). In such cases, authors should feel free to consult the editors in advance if they have questions or concerns about a particular project. On the editorial end of our operation, the Press will make every effort to avoid revealing the names of editorial reviewers to authors.