Video 1 Transcript: “Ryan talks about ‘Karnik Pet Lodge’ and his goals for the composition”

0:05 Hi, I’m Ryan Schechtman. For my social media project, I wanted to make an advertisement for my job. I work at a doggy day care called Karnik Pet Lodge [0:16 Guitar melody begins to play as footage of “Karnik Pet Lodge” video begins. Music plays throughout remainder of video]. As far as I know, they’ve never advertised. They have a little pamphlet that they pass out to people who come in, but there’s no video.

There’s nothing showing what we do, really. So I wanted to take a lot of pictures and some videos from around Karnik and put them together to pitch us to people on the Internet and show the viewers of our website what we have to offer. I already had some pictures, but I just knew it’d be easy to take a lot more pictures showing here’s dogs having fun. We’re caring and compassionate, and it’s just a good place for your animal.

So once I decided to make an ad, there were obviously several things that I wanted to do with my video. I wanted to highlight the things that Karnik had to offer. I wanted to get really familiar with the program itself so I could do this for other things in the future. And some of the functional things, I wanted to incorporate audio with the videos, and I also just wanted to really bring the focus, control the viewer’s attention, I guess you could say, with things like zooming and panning, or you could mess with the lighting a little bit, stuff like that.

And then one of my biggest goals, probably my biggest goal of all was I did want to make this and get it put on Karnik’s website. So that was, just the whole professional side of it. I wanted to make it a really presentable and polished product, rather than just oh, here’s some pictures of dogs playing. I wanted it to be something that I’d be proud of and that the company could stand behind. So that was something I kept in mind the whole time. With a slide show, some people often think, oh, it’s just a scrap book with moving images, but I really wanted to make it an advertisement, a presentation of what Karnik had to offer.