Video 2 Transcript: “Ryan talks about Using the Terms Functional and Rhetorical Literacies”

0:00 Latin guitar melody begins and plays throughout video

0:05 As I understood it, the functional really had to do with more like this is what you can do with the program and the way you were going to use the tools of the program. And that was the area I was a little gray around with the video because I hadn’t done it before. And then the rhetorical goals were the things that I would say we usually deal with in standard writing more. But because it was a video, I think it helped to think about this is how we’re going to use this rhetorically in the video.

I liked having those terms. It really, in my mind, separated it well between over here you have the things you’re doing with the tools of the program and working with the actual medium, I guess you could say, itself, the video. The things you want to do with the audio and how you’re using the pictures. And then the rhetorical goals were you’re using the audio and the video for a purpose to try and convey a message of some sort.