Video 3 Transcript: “Ryan talks about Reflection”

0:00 Latin guitar melody begins and plays throughout video

0:06 My personal writing style had not been one to use reflection. I would prefer to read someone like Kerouac with free thought just all on the page than someone like David Foster Wallace where it’s, every sentence is really thought of over and over again and looked at. So I was really skeptical at first of looking so much at what we had done and reflecting on it and thinking about how it worked and why something worked or why something didn’t work.

That being said, as the class went on, I saw the advantages of really analyzing what you had done and reflecting on your work. I think it was actually rewarding, especially at the end, when I did a project I was really proud of, to look back and think about what did I do that I really liked? How do I want to emulate this same style in the future? And conversely, for the things I wasn’t fully satisfied with, what didn’t I accomplish? And how can I do that better in the future? So I think the reflection process was definitely beneficial for me.