Video 5 Transcript: How did setting goals contribute to your learning?

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0:09 Cameron: I think goal setting, overall, is difficult in the beginning of an assignment. Because you may not know exactly what you want to do.

Diana: I donít know that setting my own goals in this particular projectÖ.I think it didnít help me an awful lot or hinder me. I think I looked over it too quickly or didnít really think of ways I could make it the best thing. What I chose as criteria was just kind of to get by.

Ryan: Me personally, I never really think about why I want to do the project Iím doing. Usually I pick my topic and then kind of go with it. And by taking a step back and defining some goals that I wanted to accomplish, it helped me really look at each individual step, and why I was choosing this as opposed to that, and it just helped me keep the bigger picture in mind.