Video 6 Transcript: How did the model help you think about your composition process?

0:00 Violin music begins

0:09 Gabby: I thought it was cool that we got to put in our own process goals and be graded on whether or not we did those. Because when you think of being graded on something, you normally think of the final product. You donít really think of what you did to get there and being graded on that. But even being graded on the product goals still, I got to pick a few of those as well. Like I wanted to make sure my video achieved a dual purpose in informing and promoting the museum. So it was cool to have a say in things that I did work on, work towards, and that I wanted to be graded on those.

Cameron: Well, thereís a lot going on in the model right now, and when I look at it, itís a lot of arrows and a lot of circles. But I think when you actually look at it and start reading some of the circles, you can understand it. Itís good that itís a circle because the writing process is not linear. It doesnít always come in do this first, do this second, do this third. Another benefit of the circle is that it explains what each part of the writing process is.