Video 7 Transcript: How did you use the assessment model?

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0:09 Cameron: Well, thereís a lot going on in the model right now, and when I look at it, itís a lot of arrows and a lot of circles. But I think when you actually look at it and start reading some of the circles, you can understand it. Itís good that itís a circle because the writing process is not linear. It doesnít always come in do this first, do this second, do this third. Another benefit of the circle is that it explains what each part of the writing process is.

Cameron: I donít think I used it very much outside of class as a sheet of paper that I looked at and said, oh, Iím doing this right now. But I think I did visit all of these steps and all these parts of the writing process when I created my video.

Claire: I liked that there were goals that Crystal put and wrote that tied back to our classroom discussions. Then we could also come up with our own goals, and I liked that to make it more personal since everyoneís videos were so different, and everyoneís skill levels at that point were so different.

Ryan: I looked at it probably three or four times. Itís just a really helpful tool when you get stuck or when you have a question, I think. It kind of just kept my creative juices flowing, I guess you could say. Because there were times when I wasnít sure, well how do I want to proceed with this? Or what tool could I use here? What needs to be differently?