Charles: Actually it started. Actually it started out, because they didn’t have a survey coordinator. It started out, I was just doing it for those two stories, but, like after, like, I built my two stories, those, I built one of those stories on surveys. The "cheating" story [um hm] was built off of surveys. It was like, like, our surveys became a very, like, powerful. They became, like, like, you know how you’ll, like, see like a survey, like "ninety-five percent said this." Like, our surveys became the basis of our stories in our newspaper when I started conducting them. So then I, like, for the rest of that year, um, I conducted surveys for the whole paper, including my stories. Every story I wrote had a survey [wow] connected to it.

Kevin: So that's, that's kind of neat.

Charles: That was kind of the hardest part, cause like, after you like conduct the survey and get the results, like, the story was based on that. You have, like, quotes in there, and that sort of helped me, like, get started. Because it was kind of hard, like, after I stopped conducting surveys, and I wrote stories, like, when I was the editor, because I wasn’t the survey coordinator anymore, I was like, "Oh my God, how am I going to write a story now?" It was, it was a challenge, writing a story without a survey, [without a survey] because I was used to writing surveys, um, stories with surveys.