Lindsey: Here you see, I've taken, instead of having just one, [uh hm] here, I've got, I've got two in the picture here.

Kevin: Uh huh.

Lindsey: And then here, instead of. Basically, I have to show a rela[tionship]. Like, this one has sort of a visual pattern, where your eye kind of goes like this. It has a path that it can follow. I don't know if that was good or bad. It was probably too predictable. This one has a little bit of a visual path, but right here. [um hm] I mean, see, if your eye is coming this way, [okay, hang on a second] it's blocked.

// [Video cut]

Lindsey: I had to come up with a way to make your eye move in a, in a direction that was sort of, you're not aware that your eye is doing this, [um hm] but I am still sort of leading you through it.

// [Video cut]

Lindsey: I would have started this in class the day that he assigned it, and I would have done this kind of, crap. [okay] You know, like which relationships am I going to show, whatever. And then, I would've, maybe gotten to this stage but probably not in class, probably the purple was in class. And then I would have something, like this, this was actually on my wall. [uh hm]

Kevin: [Pointing to a page] So these are actually on the wall, or no? Are these, are you arranging them on a table or you got 'em taped up on a window, or?

Lindsey: These would have probably been just on the table. [okay] Um, because this was very early in the semester. This was one of the final projects, the only one he gave me an A on. [uh hm] And this, these colors, I had up on the wall, I had them up on my bathroom mirror.