Alexandra: I have this whole little folder called notes, tables, and other stuff. So here’s Phantom. Um I would make graphs about the characters, with, um, can you see this? their names, their middle names, their last names, their hair color, their eye color, their age, their grade, their mom's and dad's names, their birthday, their favorite color, their activities, [uh huh] their psychic disorders, um. [laughs] And then all of these minor characters where I didn’t need to know all the cool stuff about them. And then I actually mapped out the main character’s class schedule, and all her friends’ class schedules, even characters I ended up deleting. And then I have tag lines and then I have, um, a family tree.

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But I had all the chapter titles and the scenes, and then music for the characters, like songs I liked that matched [uh huh, uh huh] the stuff. And I made myself, I have my Nano, I made myself a soundtrack, I made myself multiple soundtracks.

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Alexandra: A soundtrack, like this, [so cool] oh, iTunes, right here, [so cool]. Yeah. Okay, here’s Phantom. The Phantom soundtrack. So, if it was made into a movie, which I would want, and that was, and that was what I would want the soundtrack to be. And have it matched up to the scenes. [um hm] And then I have, then I have bigger playlists that are those songs plus other songs [um hm] for my, um, and then I have ones that are inspiration for the second book and the third book. [okay]

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Alexandra: So, so I’ll point, [oh cool cool] point and follow. So, Shadows, um Savior, Hello. So kind of the ending ones, [okay] a lot like in the Twilight ones where they have the credit songs and some of the really big action-y songs near the end. Um, And then Heat, so pretty much all the, and Misguided Ghosts. So these five songs are the first five songs in the soundtrack. [okay] Um. And then, Take It All Away, and Love Song Requim, and Broken, so it’s kind of going [uh hm] almost opposite. [okay] And then it scrambles up a little bit. [okay] It has Hundred, and then has The Real, and then it has Blush. Um, so the ones that I do not have are Debut, February Air, Meteor Shower, and Already Over, part 2. [um hm]. Um.