Alexandra: Moving the information over, because then I can, I am slightly able to use it to my advantage. [okay] [Very long pause while Alexandra works on the word puzzle.] Yeah, I just used the grid. [Laughs] I sound like Tron. [Laughs] The grid. I am such a nerd. Okay, but how I was able to use the grid was I knew that, I knew that these two covered both of these, [okay] so I knew that Jeff and Brian couldn’t be "calling cards" or "wedding invitations." [okay] So then I went back here and went, okay, well here are Brian and Jeff, [um hm] and here are the items. They can’t be, they can’t be "calling cards" and they can’t be "wedding." So. And since I already know Yolanda is "business" then both of those, one of those men is "party" and one of them is "stationary." [uh huh] Well then I looked back up and went "hey, there was a clue about Brian and 'party,'" Brian can’t be "party." [okay] So, Brian has to be "stationary" and Jeff has to be "party." So I, I used that and then remembered this other clue. So I use the grid and the notes, [okay] and the, the chart.

// [Video Cut]

Alexandra: So now I just try to go across and make sure I’ve, I've checked off everything. [okay] So third is Yolanda, which is Sayers, which is "business." [um hm] And I don’t know, I haven’t matched up the clues yet to figure out when her picked up order was. [um hm] But I also know that first is Jeff, is "party." [um hm]

Kevin: So the dot means?

Alexandra: The dot means yes. [yes, yes] Those match. [and the x’s mean no] And the x’s mean no, they can’t match. So whenever I put in something that matches, I have to go along the whole row and the whole column to make sure that I don’t say that both Brian and Carline are "party invitations." [umhm]