Networks of Discourse: Using Network Mapping to Examine the Influence of Institutional Histories and Program Missions in Students’ Writing Development

Jacob W. Craig and Chris Warnick

The Interactive Map

To make individual nodes in the map legible to readers, an interactive version of the map is included below. To zoom in on a particular region of the map, use your cursor to hover over the section you would like to make more legible. This site is best viewed in full screen.

To assist with interpretation, a key is also included alongside the map.

Map Key


  • Each box or node on the map denotes a piece of information. The colored box around each node denotes how that node was coded based on the key below.
  • Lines between nodes are coded relationship between pieces of information. Dashed lines denote contrast or contradiction except where student research is being connected to an institutional or programmatic node. Those student-based connections are indicated with dashed lines in maroon and gold.

Institutional Research

  • maroon=institutional rules and policies
  • gray=admissions policies and practices
  • green=labor issues
  • blue=space and place
  • black=institutional identity and values
  • red=requirements, structures, and practices of programs
  • tan=recruiting practices and policies
  • purple=race
  • turquiose=transfer from Bridge to College
  • yellow=past Bridge programs
  • gold=student tracking

Bridge Program Research

  • pink=Bridge program administration
  • orange=Bridge program socialization and student support

Writing Program Research

  • forest green=curriculum of FYW
  • light purple=writing process
  • light red=writers' development

Student Research

  • gold dashed=Emory
  • maroon dashed=Madison