in between

[Articulating Betweenity]

Captioning CODA

in between

Karl Fredal: Interpreting for a Deaf Parent link to Karl Fredal DALN Record

Having grown up negotiating such a communicative between space, Karl poignantly articulates two Classic Critical CODA Incidents here—sharing roles we also saw Lennard Davis playing (see above: Mediation/Pronunciation: Mixed and Missing)—in his twin narratives.  Karl’s first narrated experience puts him between me and other adults; here he relates what everyday service sector employees would say to me (in grocery stores, fast food places, post offices) with too much speed and too little enunciation.   His second story pulls considerably more at his own heart and soul strings, you might say, as he takes on the relational role between his mother (me) and his little sister, the “boisterous” but not always very well-spoken, Esther.[8] This tale of sibling-as-translator reverberates throughout the sisterbrotherdeaf experience and is, in essence, a literacy narrative of its own.[9]


[8] Ironically—or perhaps meaningfully—enough, Esther has ended her high school career and is headed to college now as a skilled (and boisterous) thespian; her projected stage and singing voice was nothing short of shocking to me the first time I witnessed it.  Who knew that lion was inside that mouse?

[9] Two colleagues have a research and book project in process that explores, through numerous qualitative interviews over many years, the dynamics of sisterbrotherdeaf experiences; the sibling-as-translator is among those commonly articulated experiences they share. 

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