Kelly Smith's
Literacy Narrative

The second literacy narrative in this exhibit, "What is Good Writing—Version 2," was contributed to the DALN by Kelly Smith in June of 2010. The metadata for her literacy narrative indicates that she is a white, twenty-six-year-old female, is enrolled as a student at Illinois State University, and comes from a working class background. The title of her narrative indicates that this is the second version of Kelly's literacy narrative.

Kelly's video begins with a long close up of her face, with a focus on her large brown eyes peering out from behind stylish bangs. Kelly recalls, in a voiceover, that she was an honors English student throughout her high school years. She describes herself as being "the 'A' student that wrote papers and every teacher said “Oh, they're so wonderful; they're so great.'"



This is a photograph of Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith's narrative in the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN):
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