Her narrative continues in her first composition class in college. Kelly notes that things were "going great," and she was prepared to "do her best writing and creative stuff."

Kelly approached the first research paper that she was assigned without concern. As images of an outline appear on the screen, she notes, "We're all taught how to write research papers in high school, right? You research, and you write about it, and you try to sound intelligent like you learned something about whatever you're researching."

Across the bottom of the screen, Kelly includes the summary caption: "we're all taught...right?"

As Kelly's voiceover reveals, however, when she drafts her paper, she is told "that the language is all wrong; it's not collegiate; it sounds like I'm high school; it's very basic, and I'm regurgitating information. So I no longer know how to write the perfect paper; I'm doing it wrong; everything I've learned is wrong."






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