At this point, Kelly includes the following summary caption at the bottom of her video: "I no longer know 'how' to write...what I've learned is 'wrong.'"

All is not lost, however. As Kelly notes, she is provided examples of "good writing, good research writing, good collegiate writing," by her teacher. With these aids, she revises her paper and receives a grade of a 'A.' "Perfect!" she exclaims, "I now know how to write a good paper again. I'm back on track."

When Kelly enters her next college writing class, she is assigned a "scholarly essay" which she writes—as she's now been "re-taught." Expecting a good grade once again, Kelly hands her paper in and receives it back with the teacher's comments written in red ink: "This is not your language. I know you as a student. I've talked to you; I've heard you talk about your ideas, and this does not sound anything like who you are."

Across the bottom of the screen as Kelly recounts her teacher's comments appears a final question, "What is good writing? Finding out who you are!"

With this last comment, Kelly's video ends and fades to black.






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