Megan becomes increasingly serious, however, when she starts to compare "how much I used to love reading and writing" and "what I think about it now." Megan confesses that she hates reading now—especially the reading and writing she does for school, which she notes with a rueful smile makes her "want to die." She explains, "I don't get to choose what I write about or read about any more" and says, "I feel like I use so much of my energy in school that once I'm done with classes I just want to watch tv or play some music."

Finally, Megan notes, "I really feel like I need to get more into...more into reading and writing again because I used to love it so much. It's got to be in there somewhere, right?" She also commits herself to a program of "get[ting] more into reading and writing again," by keeping a diary, "even if it's just writing down song lyrics or jotting down a few ideas every once in a while" and giving herself permission to "choose a book that I want to read for once and not let myself get overworked by school." At the end of her resolution, Megan observes, "So, hopefully it works. . . ."


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