The New Work of Composing

Composing with Metadata in Mind

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Standardization Layer, Keyword: Miscellaneous

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In keeping with the most basic premises of our “Standards in the Making” (SITM) approach, we have set out in this webtext  to reveal contingency and process in the construction of metadata standards while modeling the approach in the design and structure of our networked arguments. And, in this sense, the claims that we have proposed here should also be considered contingent and in-process. None of the “conclusions” that we have reached in this “standardization” layer are ultimately “conclusive” in the sense of producing a stable viewpoint or totalizing hermeneutic. Instead we have landed on certain preliminary instances of consensus while attempting to tease out and preserve the problematics that consensus would normally obscure. While our collective investigation ends in this layer, the work of SITM is not finished, nor is the process of standardization we have initiated here “closed.” The eleven keywords you see here capture the standards which have emerged from our collective analysis and field-oriented investments. But there is simply no reason to consider these “standards” the only available conclusions to our work here.