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New eBooks

Provocations: Reconstructing the Archive

PROVOCATIONS: Reconstructing the Archive, Patrick W. Berry, Gail E. Hawisher, & Cynthia L. Selfe, eds., featuring the work of Erin R. Anderson, Trisha N. Campbell, Alexandra Hidalgo, and Jody Shipka

PROVOCATIONS is a Computers and Composition Digital Press (CCDP) series focused on peer-reviewed, open-access projects that have the same specific gravity as a short monograph, but take the form of experimental genres, fruitful and unusual collaborations, and/or mediated, born-digital formats. PROVOCATIONS projects offer new scholarly perspectives, challenge current understandings of our field, and suggest new approaches to the work we do. Read more.

Three green circles with the letters S-L-S in each

Sustainable Learning Spaces: Design, Infrastructure, and Technology, Russell Carpenter, Richard Selfe, Shawn Apostel, and Kristi Apostel (eds.)

Sustainable Learning Spaces features chapters that tell the stories of how learning spaces embrace sustainability as they move from vision to reality (e.g., sustainable construction, finances, pedagogies, staffing, and technology lifecycles). The collection examines how newer and older centers anticipate and reinvent themselves to meet the challenges of new technology and the pedagogical needs of learners and instructors, as well as how people are addressing and adapting to the environmental challenges of e-waste that these centers inevitably create. Read more.

Techne: Queer Meditations on Writing the Self

Techne: Queer Meditations on Writing the Self, Jacqueline Rhodes and Jonathan Alexander

Techne is a multimodal exploration of technologies, subjectivities, and affects. Blending phenomenology and auto-ethnography with queer theories, Rhodes and Alexander delve into the multiple layerings of text, image, and technology as sites from which to perform/write/read ourselves in the digital age. Through image, text, video, and sound, Techne offers a multiplicitous and changing experience of reading and viewing to probe the often contradictory interplay between digital and traditional writing technologies and the author/ed self. Read more.

Call for Projects

Call for Projects

The editors of CCDP invite proposals that address the use, impact, and study of digital media, spaces, and practices. Read more.