Afterword: With and Because of Genevieve

Afterword: With and Because of Genevieve

Donna Qualley

Comparison of Types of Student-Generated Course Evaluation Questions

University course evaluation ratings are scored as: excellent, very good, good, fair, poor, very poor.

Student Focused Questions

  • My ability to borrow from the experience of English 101 to complete other academic endeavors is
  • My intellectual participation and engagement in this course was
  • My growth as a writer over the quarter was
  • The effort that I put in to this class was
  • My motivation to come to class was

Course Focused Questions

  • The relevance of homework assignments for writing our essays was
  • Using blogs to explore another writing genre was
  • The usefulness of the fishbowl discussions for understanding the reading was
  • The effectiveness of descriptive grading versus traditional letter grading was
  • The amount that computer lab days benefitted my learning was

Teacher Focused Questions

  • Instructor’s ability to maintain student’s focus in class
  • Instructor’s ability to incorporate student feedback into the course was
  • Conferences with the instructor were
  • The professionalism and dedication of the instructor was
  • The clarity of expectations for the portfolio was

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