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Introduction - Paige V. Banaji, Lisa Blankenship, Katherine DeLuca, and Lauren Obermark

Mapping Student Participation in the College-Level Writing Classroom - Genevieve Critel

A Curation of Student Voices on Participation in the Writing Classroom - Lauren Obermark

Participation as Reflective Practice: Digital Composing and Feminist Pedagogy - Jason Palmeri and Abby Dubisar

Roles and Relationships: Possibilities for Student Participation in Writing Program Administration - Kathryn Comer

Participation and the Problem of Measurement - Ryan Omizo

The Success of This Course Depends upon Your Participation: Technology, Topoi, and Infrastructure in the Era of MOOCs - Michael Harker, Mary Hocks, and Matthew Sansbury

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  • Participatory Hospitality and Writing Centers - Michele Eodice

    'Don't Tase me Bro': Emergent Participatory Economies across Web Spaces - Lynn Lewis

    Queering Student Participation: Whispers, Echoes, Rants, and Memory - Matthew Cox

    Goldiloxxing Intellectual Participation: Getting It 'Just Right' - Kelly Bradbury and Paul Muhlhauser

    International Student Participation in a Mainstream Composition Course: Opportunities and Challenges - Tony Cimasko and Dong-shin Shin

    Involving and Evolving: Student Feedback and Flexibility in Classroom Participation - Elizabeth Brewer

    Afterword: With and Because of Genevieve - Donna Qualley