Afterword: With and Because of Genevieve

Afterword: With and Because of Genevieve

Donna Qualley

Examples of Student-Generated Evaluation Questions from the Top Four Categories

Preparation for the future

  • “The course material’s ability to be used in tandem with outside work or future work was—"
  • "My ability to borrow from the experience of English 101 to complete other academic endeavors is—"


  • “The extent to which my involvement in this participatory culture enriched my English 101 experience is—"
  • “How well did creating a participation agreement together result in the classroom feeling like an affinity space?”

Course Assignments

  • “The usefulness of course activities that asked you to reflect on your own writing activities was—"
  • “In terms of the final project and drafting, to what extent did the CIPs (critical inquiry practice assignments) help you?”

Course Texts

  • “My understanding of the readings assigned for the class was—"
  • “The usefulness of the course text was—"

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