Soundwriting Pedagogies

Audio Playlist Version of the Book

Here we offer listeners a variety of ways to access the parts of the book that make most sense in an audio-only format (which of course fits some chapters better than others). The content is pulled straight from the webtexts, not specially produced or modified for this context. Listeners can stream here or click on links for each audio file to go to these audio-only verisons of chapters in Apple Podcasts. We've also offered a direct link to the feed, which you can paste into any podcast app (such as Overcast, Pocket Casts, Castro, or others).

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Introduction to Audio-Only VersionKyle D. Stedman
PrefaceCourtney S. Danforth, Kyle D. Stedman, & Michael J. Faris
IntroductionCourtney S. Danforth & Kyle Stedman
Do You Hear What I Hear? A Hearing Teacher and a Deaf Student Negotiate SoundJennifer J. Buckner & Kirsten Daley
Recasting Writing, Voicing Bodies: Podcasts Across a Writing ProgramJeremy Cushman & Shannon Kelly
A Pedagogy of Listening: Composing with/in Media TextsMilena Droumeva & David Murphy
Sounding the Stories of Isla Vista: Archives, Microhistory, and Multimedia StorytellingPatricia Fancher & Josh Mehler
Soundwriting and Resistance: Toward a Pedagogy for LiberationMichael Burns, Timothy R. Dougherty, Ben Kuebrich, & Yanira Rodríguez
Sleight of Ear: Voice, Voices, and Ethics of VoicingBump Halbritter & Julie Lindquist
"English via the Airwaves": Recovering 1930s Radio PedagogiesJason Palmeri & Ben McCorkle
Composing the Artist–MediumTrisha N. Campbell
Writing Dirt, Teaching NoiseSteven R. Hammer