“Getting Called Fag,” the final narrative analyzed in this chapter, was self-recorded by Keith Dorwick, social activist and teacher of composition at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Sitting in a darkened room, Keith wears a plain white tee-shirt and leans into his computer screen.

Keith orients his audience to his the story world of his narrative by noting, “Okay, so I’m maybe fifteen, maybe sixteen at the time of this story, and I’m livin’ out in Glendale Heights, Illinois…," a neighborhood, he notes, that “Crain’s Chicago Business, once described as a ‘hard scrabble factory town,’” and that he describes as “a bedroom community,” home to a “working class” population that included his own family.

This is a phtographic image of Keith Dorwick

Keith Dorwick's full narrative in the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN):
Uncaptioned (.mov)
Captioned (.mov)
Timecode Transcript (.txt)

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