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A Space Defined: Four Years in the Life of the FSU Digital Studios

Stephen J. McElroy, Jennifer Wells, Andrew Burgess, Jeff Naftzinger, Rory Lee, Josh Mehler, Jason Custer, Aimee Jones, and Joe Cirio, Florida State University

Williams Building
Johnston Building

Williams Building
The Williams Digital Studio opened in the fall of 2008.The Williams Building at FSU is a three story, historical building with large, pane glass windows, brick exterior walls, and an arch entrance. The Williams Building, which opened after renovations in 2001, houses FSU’s English Department, including faculty and TA offices and classrooms, and the Reading-Writing Center (RWC). The Studio is located on the second floor and shares a wall with the RWC.
Computers, SMART Board, and Software
Two computer screens are on a table with one keyboard and mouse in front of the monitors. A Smart Board is installed on a wall. A computer monitor is on revealing a desktop full of icons representing a wide range of software available for use.
Figure 3: Five Asus Desktops 3.00 GHZ, AMD Athlon X2 250, 4 GB RAM; Windows 7 SP 1; Eight ViewSonic VG730m 1280x1024 flat panel monitors; One 21" iMac 2.5 GHZ, Core i5, 8GB RAM; OSX: Lion 10.7.4
Figure 4: One whiteboard, one SMART Board, two speakers, four SMART pens, one SMART eraser
Figure 5: On the Macs: Adobe CS5: Design Standard, Microsoft Office 2011, Gimp, Audacity, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, TextWrangler, KompoZer, FileZila, VUE: Visual Understanding Environment, iWork '09, Apple iLife

On the PCs: Adobe CS5: Design Premium, VLC Media Player, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, MS Office 2007, KompoZer, VUE: Visual Understanding Environment, FileZilla, Gimp, Jing

Furniture, Peripherals, Network and Power
A beige chair sits along a wall. The chair has a small, round table fixed to one of the arm rests. A scanner is placed on a small table. A jack in the wall reveals a wide range of connection options.
Figure 6: Nine HON Company Cushioned Chairs: Maroon; one HON Company Computer Chair: Brown; one coffee table; one Jasper Seating couch with 2 attached tables; one Jasper Seating cushioned chair with attached table; three Tek Form circular wooden tables; one lamp; one storage cabinet; two small end tables
Figure 7: Six Logitech M100 USB Optical Mice, five Logitech Deluxe 250 keyboards, one Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, one Apple Magic Trackpad, five USB extension ports, one HP ScanJet 8250, one Sanyo PROxtaX Multiverse Projector, one Sanyo PROxtaX Multiverse Projector Remote, two Logitech USB desktop microphones, one 3-Hole punch, one stapler
Figure 8: Three APC SurgeArrest wall plug splitters, one Asante FriendlyNet Ethernet splitter, one Linksys 5 port workgroup switch

Henry K
A small plant is placed next to a window. The plant has a sticky note on it reading "My Name is Henry K."Figure 9: Up until the fall of 2012, Henry K was a nameless potted palm variation that sat lifelessly on the periphery of the Williams Digital Studio. Perhaps it was the influx of smart and eager students this past semester, or the potted palm variation’s new friend with a watering can, that inspired the little guy to take another stab at life. He’s found a name for himself, Henry K in the A.M. and Henrique all P.M. long, and brings joy and brightness to everyone who walks through the studio’s doors.
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