Reviewers' Guidelines

Reviewers, please address the following questions when reviewing the submission:

  1. What are the author(s) trying to accomplish? Who is their primary audience? How have they made their goals clear? In what ways have they succeeded? What do they still need to do?
  2. How does the ebook/project contribute to the various fields in which it participates? How does it reinforce or depart from current disciplinary conversations? How can the ebook/project be strengthened in this area?
  3. For multimodal submissions, what kinds of technical changes need to be made in order to ready the emerging text for publication? What are its strengths? How would you describe your response to the multimodal text overall?
  4. Are the use of moving and/or still images, as well as audio and graphics, effective and appropriate for the text? What recommendations, if any, would you make to the author(s)? How do you expect this digital production to be received by CCDP readers/viewers?
  5. Does the submission warrant that CCDPpursue publication? What recommendations and suggestions would you make to the editors at this point?
  6. We would appreciate any other comments you might have regarding the submission's potential or any other aspect related to CCDP's publishing this work. Your frank response in pointing to the submission's promise and in helping us work through any difficulties with the author(s) is invaluable.
  7. May we call upon you to review the revised text?

Please know how grateful we are for the time you have devoted to responding to the submission. Many thanks!