The New Work of Composing


Experience, Embodiment, Excess

Multimedia[ted] [E]visceration and Installation Rhetoric

Jacqueline Rhodes

CSU San Bernardino

Jonathan Alexander

University of California, Irvine

image of the word multimedia visceration that links to the theory page
image of a silhouette that links to a page discussing the testing and setup process of the installation
image of projector that links to page with remediated videos from the installation

Notes on Navigation: “Experience, Embodiment, Excess” is a theoretical expansion and translation of Multimedia[ted] [E]visceration, a multi-media installation designed specifically for presentation at the 2008 Watson Conference at the University of Louisville. We believe the best way to experience this webbed essay and archive is by playing with the various links arranged on the bottom of each page and by any picture that will link you to another part of the archive.  Such navigation will mimic for you the productive disorientation of the original installation experience.

The essay is best viewed on a Macintosh running Safari or Firefox. Viewers will need to have the latest QuickTime plug-ins to fully experience the site.  

Enjoy your experience!