The New Work of Composing

Table of Contents



(N. Katherine Hayles)

The New Work of the Book in Composition Studies: An Introduction
(Debra Journet, Cheryl E. Ball, Ryan Trauman)


Mothers and Daughters of Digital Invention: Women, New Media, and Intellectual Property (Danielle Nicole DeVoss)

Where Ya At?: Composing Identity Through Hyperlocal Narratives
(Devon Fitzgerald Ralston)

Re-Inventing Invention: A Performance in Three Acts
(Bre Garrett, Denise Landrum-Geyer, Jason Palmeri)

Not Your Mother's Argument: The Second Shift and the New Work of Feminist Composing in a Digital World
(Morgan Gresham, Roxanne Kirkwood Aftanas)

Politicizing, Placing, and Performing Narratives of Gentrification in an Urban Community
(Valerie Kinloch)

Symbolizing Space: Non-Discursive Composing of the Invisible
(Joddy Murray)

Talking Back to Teachers: Undergraduate Research in Multimodal Composition
(The Normal Group)

Mr. Secrets: Multimodality's Complete Invitation to Remake Text, Meaning, and Audience
(Tony O'Keeffe)

Scholarship on the Move: A Rhetorical Analysis of Scholarly Activity in Digital Spaces
(James P. Purdy, Joyce R. Walker)

Experience, Embodiment, Excess: Multimedia[ted] [E]visceration and Installation Rhetoric
(Jacqueline Rhodes, Jonathan Alexander)

No Theory But for Practice: Born, Multimedia, & the Avant-Garde
(Anmarie Trimble, Jennifer Grotz)

Standards in the Making: Composing with Metadata in Mind
(Matthew W. Wilson, Curtis Hisayasu, Jentery Sayers, J. James Bono)


Space, Place, and New Ecologies
(Marilyn Cooper)

Why Linearity is Not the Issue: or, The New Work of Composing is Much Like The Old, Only Different
(Diana George, Dan Lawson, Tim Lockridge)

The Nearness of You: A Response to "Authors/Authority" in The New Work of Composing
(Andrea A. Lunsford)

new scholarly genres: a response
(Paul Prior)