Technological Ecologies and Sustainability
Eds. Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Heidi A. McKee, and Richard (Dickie) Selfe

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  Dickie Selfe, Heidi McKee, and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss   Collectives, Common Worlds, and the Idea of Sustainability: An Introduction
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Section I: Sustaining Instructors, Students, and Classroom Practices
  Heidi McKee   Introduction to Section I
1 Ryan (Rylish) M. Moeller, Cheryl E. Ball, and Kelli Cargile Cook
  Political Economy and Sustaining the Unstable: New Faculty and Research in English Studies
01_moeller_ball_cargile_cook.pdf (193 k)
2 Kristie S. Fleckenstein, Fred Johnson, and Jackie Grutsch McKinney  

A Portable Ecology: Supporting New Media Writing and Laptop-ready Pedagogy
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02_fleckenstein_etal_loops_text.pdf (44 k)

3 Anthony T. Atkins and Colleen A. Reilly  

Stifling Innovation: The Impact of Resource-poor Techno-ecologies on Student Technology Use
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4 Peter J. Fadde and Patricia Sullivan   Video for the Rest of Us? Toward Sustainable Processes for Incorporating Video into Multimedia Composition
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5 Kathleen Blake Yancey


  Portfolios, Circulation, Ecology, and the Development of Literacy
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Section II: Sustaining Writing Programs
  Dànielle Nicole DeVoss   Introduction to Section II
6 Michael Day   The Administrator as Technorhetorician: Sustainable Technological Ecologies in Academic Programs
06_day.pdf (200 k)
7 Patricia Ericsson   Sustainability and Digital Technology: Program Analysis Via a “Three-legged” Framework
07_ericsson.pdf (164 k)
8 Beth L. Brunk-Chavez and Shawn J. Miller   The Hybrid Academy: Building and Sustaining a Technological Culture of Use
08_brunk_miller.pdf (286 k)
9 Kip Strasma   Using the LEED Evaluation Tool to Assess the Sustainability of First-Year Computers and Writing Programs
09_strasma.pdf (296 k)
10 Jude Edminster, Andrew Mara, and Kristine Blair


  Digital Studio as Method: Collaboratively Migrating Theses and Dissertations into the Technological Ecology of English Studies
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Section III: Sustaining Writing Center, Research Centers, and Community Programs
  Dickie Selfe   Introduction to Section III
11 James E. Porter   Sustaining a Research Center: Building the Research and Outreach Profile for a Writing Program
11_porter.pdf (387 k)
12 Jeanne R. Smith and Jay D. Sloan   Sustaining Community and Technological Ecologies: What Writing Centers Can Teach Us
12_smith_sloan.pdf (242 k)
13 Mike Palmquist, Kate Kiefer, and Jill Salahub   Sustaining (and Growing) a Pedagogical Writing Environment: An Activity Theory Analysis
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14 Lisa Dush



Genre-Informed Implementation Analysis: An Approach for Assessing the Sustainability of New Textual Practices
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Section IV: Sustaining Scholarship and the Environment
  Dànielle Nicole DeVoss   Introduction to Section IV
15 Lisa Lebduska   Sustainable Digital Ecologies and Considered Limits
15_lebduska.pdf (346 k)
16 Shawn Apostel and Kristi Apostel   Old World Successes and New World Challenges: Reducing the Computer Waste Stream in America
16_apostel_apostel.pdf (405 k)
17 Cynthia L. Selfe, Gail E. Hawisher, and Patrick W. Berry   Sustaining Scholarly Efforts: The Challenge of Digital Media
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  Charlie Moran   Sustainable Writing Programs: A Continuing Agenda
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  Author Biographies and Photos   19_bios_pics.pdf (205 k)

Entire book, single PDF: TES_COMBINED.pdf (4.8 meg)

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