Technological Ecologies & Sustainability

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Eds. Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Heidi A. McKee, and Richard (Dickie) Selfe

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Together, computerized writing environments (e.g., physical spaces, hardware, software, and networks) and the humans who use and support such technologies comprise complex ecologies of interaction. As with any ecology, a human-computer techno-ecological system needs to be planned, fostered, designed, sustained, and assessed to create a vibrant culture of support at the individual, programmatic, institutional, and even national and international level. Local and larger infrastructures of composing are critical to digital writing practices and processes. In academia, specifically, all writing is increasingly computer-mediated; all writing is digital.

Unfortunately, at far too many institutions, it is difficult to sustain ecologies of digital writing. How then to best plan, foster, design, sustain, and assess the complex ecologies framing the study and practice of digital writing that we do (or hope to do) as teachers, scholars, learners, and writers?

The audience for this collection is teachers, scholars, administrators, and graduate students working in fields of composition studies, computers and writing, technical/professional communication, literature, education, and English education. We all face the same dilemma: More and more of our work and instruction takes place in electronic environments, but budget constraints and assessment mandates loom, and often our positions within or institutions prohibit us from active participation in central computing endeavors. This necessarily multivocal collection refines our discussions of the many components of sustainability, providing contextual, situated, and flexible modes and methods for theorizing, building, assessing, and sustaining digital writing ecologies.


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"DeVoss, McKee, and Selfe's collection will be a very important collection for the field. The interconnections and multiple articulations of "ecologies" and "sustainability" make for rich, varied maps to assist and challenge both veterans and newcomers to computers and writing."
-- Johndan Johnson-Eilola, Clarkson University

"Technological Ecologies and Sustainability is an exciting book. It demonstrates convincingly that sustainability and ecology are better ways to think about technology in the English department. These perspectives consistently lead to more interesting and more useful insights; they help us to better theorize our practices; and they remind us to pay attention to the people and to the infrastructures that support our technology-rich teaching. In addition, the editors have collected a fascinating and diverse group of essays. Ecology and sustainability proved to be mimes that elicited some unusual topics and consistently excellent writing. I can’t wait to start using these pieces in my computers and writing classes."
-- Jim Kalmbach, Illinois State University