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Book cover for Soundwriting Pedagogies. The image features the title atop a wall of speakers.

Soundwriting Pedagogies

Courtney S. Danforth, Kyle D. Stedman, and Michael J. Faris

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Making Future Matters

Rick Wysocki and Mary P. Sheridan

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Call for Questions: Soundwriting Pedagogies

Do you have questions that you’d like to ask the authors of Soundwriting Pedagogies? Now’s your chance! Two of our graduate fellows are working on a podcast that puts reader questions and author responses into conversation with one another, and our fellows would (literally) like to hear from you. We invite our readers to submit audio-recorded questions for the authors regarding the arguments, methods, tools, findings, and/or implications presented in their respective chapters. Here are the details:

Call for Questions

The Computers and Composition Digital Press invites readers of Soundwriting Pedagogies to participate in a dynamic podcast that puts the voices of readers and authors into conversation.

We are calling for readers to submit audio recorded questions aimed at creating a deeper understanding of the arguments, methods, tools, findings, and implications presented in the individual chapters of Soundwriting Pedagogies.

To echo the value of sound in making meaning and understanding, all questions should be submitted as audio or video files. Chapter authors will then listen and record their responses to selected questions, which will later be put into conversation in each chapter’s podcast.

Submission Details

All questions for chapter authors should be submitted individually as audio (WAV, MP3, etc.) or video (MOV, AVI, WMV, etc.) files. Please include the chapter number and your last name in the file title for all submitted questions. We are also happy to receive questions as recorded phone interviews with a CCDP graduate fellow.

We encourage readers to submit any and all questions they have.

Email submissions to Brian Gaines at by Sunday, December 9, 2018.

Please email general questions or requests for phone interviews to either
Lacy Hope ( or Brian Gaines (

Nov 20