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Book cover for The Rhetoric of Participation, which features a photo of students engaged in class.

The Rhetoric of Participation: Interrogating Commonplaces In and Beyond the Classroom

Paige V. Banaji, Lisa Blankenship, Katherine DeLuca, Lauren Obermark, and Ryan Omizo (eds.)

Book cover for Soundwriting Pedagogies. The image features the title atop a wall of speakers.

Soundwriting Pedagogies

Courtney S. Danforth, Kyle D. Stedman, and Michael J. Faris (eds.)

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Soundwriting Conversations, Chapter 3 Podcast

Chapter 3, “A Pedagogy of Listening: Composing In/With Media Texts” by Milena Droumeva & David Murphy, serves as the second installment of Soundwriting Conversations. Droumeva and Murphy examine the theories and approaches for developing aural literacy by discussing their work in the Sonic Research Studio and the Media Analysis Lab at Simon Fraser University.

We invite you to listen to their conversation with the students of Eric Detweiler’s Rhetoric and Sound Studies graduate seminar at Middle Tennessee State University.

1 week ago