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Book cover for Soundwriting Pedagogies. The image features the title atop a wall of speakers.

Soundwriting Pedagogies

Courtney S. Danforth, Kyle D. Stedman, and Michael J. Faris

Book cover image with three intertwined circles and the words Making Future Matters, edited by Rick Wysocki and Mary P. Sheridan.

Making Future Matters

Rick Wysocki and Mary P. Sheridan

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Silencing of Voices

I had the opportunity to talk with Cruz Medina, co-author of Racial Shorthand: Coded Discrimination in Social Media this past fall. Below is a selection of part of a larger 40 minute interview where we discussed everything from his process in creating this book, the affordances and constraints in its production, to how he saw his book as being relevant in the larger conversation of people of color and rhetoric. We also talked about to how this book ties to his own practices and life and even spent a bit of time talking about his family. Rather than give you all of our conversation that wove in and out of topics and circled back again, I chose to give you the highlights, which means I left out my sometimes inarticulate thoughts connected to his work as well as stories of his adorable family. Those omissions leave you something to chat with him about when you see him next.

1 day ago