Copyright & Permissions

All work published by Computers and Composition Digital Press must comply with U.S. Copyright Law. Authors may also use media licensed with the Creative Commons according to the terms of the license.

Authors must be the original creators of all media (text, audio, photographic, video) included in their ebooks/projects OR the media must be in the Public Domain (as defined by U.S. Copyright Law) OR Authors must secure permission to use copyrighted media from the copyright holder OR Authors must use media according to terms of its Creative Commons license.

The CCDigital Press also recognizes the Fair Use of materials for scholarly purposes as outlined by U.S. Copyright Law. The Fair Use provision, however, remains open to interpretation and does not always provide clear and direct answers about the scope of fair use and its meaning in specific situations. Thus, for the Press—which is a non-commercial enterprise—we will interpret Fair Use according to the following characteristics:

We understand that such standards must remain flexible in digital media environments, so authors with questions about copyright, licensing, fair use, or publication with CCDP, are encouraged to contact the Editors.

Please download the CCDP Copyright Permission Request form to use if permissions need to be secured. Include scanned copies of permissions with the completed project. For all materials licensed with the Creative Commons, please include a copy of the license with the completed project.