Racial Shorthand: Coded Discrimination Contested in Social Media

Cruz Medina and Octavio Pimentel (eds.)

Book cover for Racial Shorthand. The cover features partial shots of a keyboard and a tablet, as well as the book title and press logo.

Racial Shorthand: Coded Discrimination Contested in Social Media

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This collection is called Racial Shorthand because it sets out to unpack the dominant narratives embedded in media representations. These misrepresentations reinforce how people of color are framed by racist discourses and undermine the multimodal composing by communities of color, further erasing the rhetorical, oral, and aural traditions of these communities. Contributions to this digital collection include chapters analyzing racist discourse in social media and chapters that highlight multimodal and digital composing by people of color. This collection disrupts the dominant shorthand by demonstrating how communities of color produce multimodal projects and leverage the affordances of social media in ways that extend the rhetorical traditions and literacy practices of these communities.

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