Transfer across Media: Using Digital Video in the Teaching of Writing

Crystal VanKooten

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Transfer across Media: Using Digital Video in the Teaching of Writing

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Transfer across Media: Using Digital Video in the Teaching of Writing presents digital composition as one pathway toward a better understanding of the transfer of writing knowledge. Through an in-depth study of the video composing experiences of eighteen students, this book illustrates how video provides useful opportunities for transfer across media through multimodal production. Building on conversations about meta-awareness, transfer, and digital media within the field of Rhetoric and Composition, including the work of Rebecca Nowacek, Stuart Selber, and others, author and researcher Crystal VanKooten lays out a theory of transfer across media for scholars and instructors, traces this theory across the digital video composition and essay-writing experiences of students, and presents five research-based best practices for instructors who want to better teach for transfer across media through digital and multimodal assignments.

Throughout the book, VanKooten makes the connection between video and transfer through prose, but also multimodally, using video in combination with written paragraphs to present, analyze, and interpret study data and findings. In doing so, VanKooten enacts a participatory and interdependent digital research methodology and provides rich representations of students’ video production experiences that include student and teacher voices and reflections, students’ digital compositions, and analysis of interactions that occurred both in the classroom and in the interview room.

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  • Publication date:
    June 2020
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    VanKooten, Crystal. (2020). Transfer across media: Using digital video in the teaching of writing. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press. Retrieved from

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    VanKooten, Crystal. Transfer Across Media: Using Digital Video in the Teaching of Writing. Computers and Composition Digital P/Utah State UP, 2020,

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